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Truncate the specified string based on the given length. Replaces the truncated data to "..."


public static class StringEx
	/// <summary>
	/// Truncates the string to a specified length and replace the truncated to a ...
	/// </summary>
	/// <param name="text">string that will be truncated</param>
	/// <param name="maxLength">total length of characters to maintain before the truncate happens</param>
	/// <returns>truncated string</returns>
	public static string Truncate(this string text, int maxLength)
		// replaces the truncated string to a ...
		const string suffix = "...";
		string truncatedString = text;

		if (maxLength <= 0) return truncatedString;
		int strLength = maxLength - suffix.Length;

		if (strLength <= 0) return truncatedString;

		if (text == null || text.Length <= maxLength) return truncatedString;

		truncatedString = text.Substring(0, strLength);
		truncatedString = truncatedString.TrimEnd();
		truncatedString += suffix;
		return truncatedString;


string newText = "this is the palce i want to be, Cindys is the place to be!";
Console.WriteLine("New Text: {0}", newText.Truncate(40));

Author: Earljon Hidalgo

Submitted on: 23 apr. 2008

Language: C#

Type: System.String

Views: 12023