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returns default value if string is null or empty or white spaces string


public static string DefaultIfEmpty(this string str, string defaultValue, bool considerWhiteSpaceIsEmpty = false)
    return (considerWhiteSpaceIsEmpty ? string.IsNullOrWhiteSpace(str) : string.IsNullOrEmpty(str)) ? defaultValue : str;


string str = null;
str.DefaultIfEmpty("I'm nil") // return "I'm nil"

string str1 = string.Empty;
str1.DefaultIfEmpty("I'm Empty") // return "I'm Empty!"

string str1 = "     ";
str1.DefaultIfEmpty("I'm WhiteSpaces strnig!", true) // return "I'm WhiteSpaces strnig!"

Author: Alexander Gubenko

Submitted on: 22 apr. 2011

Language: C#

Type: System.String

Views: 9643